The lost bet revenge

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PUBLISHED: 2017-01-29

Ashley and Victorya are roommates. Victorya has just lost a bet. As the winner, Ashley gets to do whatever she wants with Victorya. 
Ashley starts by taking off her top and lying down and she tells Victorya to suck her tits. Victorya does this for about a minute when Ashley tells her to lick her face! Victorya looks hesitant, but then starts licking thoroughly all over her face and nose. Throughout all of this Ashley is clearly amused, and finally says “This is too easy, we must come up with something harder.” Ashley orders her to lie down, and stands over top of her for a few seconds looking down at her while deciding what to do. She then sits on top of her and takes a shoe off, grinning at her and telling her she is going to have to smell her feet. She wraps her toes around Victorya’s nose and forces her to breathe in. Meanwhile, she has taken her other shoe off, and when Victorya tries to turn away Ashley’s other foot is waiting for her. She really works Victorya’s nose over, holding her head in place with one foot and smothering her nose with the other in the same time. Throughout all this, she is looking down at Victorya grinning and laughing and repeating her to smell her feet.
Victorya finally gives in and Ashley starts rubbing her feet all over face, then smothers her nose with both feet and we can hear Victorya’s deep breaths between her toes. After a few minutes, Ashley stands up and tells Victorya to get on her knees. She tells Victorya that she wants her toes sucked and props them up in front of her. She points at her big toe and tells Victorya to “Suck it like it were a cock”. Victorya starts sucking it slowly and deeply, then licking between the others and sucking each one for a few more minutes. Meanwhile Ashley keeps being totally amused, grinning and giggling at her while she watches. After that, she tells her to turn around so she can watch her suck. At this point, Ashley puts her foot in her face and tells her to lick it. Victorya begins slowly licking up and down her soles, alternating between long licks and passionate kisses. Meanwhile, Ashley continues teasing her, telling her periodically to lick her feet.
After some minutes, Ashley tells Victorya to lie back down and Ashley takes off her clothes and sits on Victorya’s face. She teases Victorya, telling her that she knows she has always wanted her. She rubs her clit against Victorya’s nose, looking down at her and grinning and laughing. 
Now, she orders her to lick her pussy and Victorya does her it, slowly. Ashley continues to tease her, periodically repeating to her to lick her pussy. Then, she gets up and turns the other way, smothering Victorya’s face with her ass while she rides it. She continues to look down at Victorya over her shoulder, still grinning and teasing. Finally, she tells Victorya to lick her ass and Victorya gives her a thorough licking. Ashley keeps on teasing her, telling her periodically “Yeah baby, lick my ass”. At this point, Victorya becomes passionate and for the last minutes she licks and sucks on Ashley’s pussy while she buries her face between her cheeks, periodically running her tongue back up to her ass. At the end Ashley stands up and with a grin stare to Victorya, while victory posing, foot on face. 

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Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.
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