Pushed to her limits

pushed to her limits
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PUBLISHED: 2017-01-29

Nikki holds Victorya’s wrists while she is on top of her, smothering Victorya with her feet. When Victorya tries to escape and turn away from one foot, the other foot is there waiting to wrap around her nose. Nikki holds her face with one foot while she smothers her with the other. Throughout this, Nikki is ordering Victorya to smell her feet, while teasing her. 
Then, Nikki footgags her, still holding her helpless by the wrists for about a minute until Victorya is passed out. 
At this point Nikki makes a victory pose with a foot on Victorya’s face. When Victoria wakes up, Nikki is massaging her face with her feet and still teasing her, and offers to let her up, if she will lick her whole body. Victorya obeys, and Nikki props her feet up on the table and orders Victorya to suck her toes. Then she tells her to lick her feet. 
Now Nikki lies down, while Victorya starts licking up the back of her legs briefly, then Nikki tells her to lick her ass. Victoria licks all over her butt and her asshole for a few minutes. At this point Nikki is very excited and begins face fucking her with her ass for about a minute. Then Victorya licks up her crack and licks her way up her back briefly. Now Victorya licks her navel and up her ribs at which point Victorya tells her to suck her tits. 
Finally, Nikki orders her to lick her pussy. She keeps instructing her saying “Yeah, baby, lick my pussy” for a few minutes until Victorya becomes very passionate and gives her an orgasm.

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