She likes to lick feet!

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PUBLISHED: 2017-01-29

 The video starts with Sweetcat lying on her back, Victorya on her, licking her nose and face. Then, she sit on the sofa with her feet on the table. 
Victorya removes her shoes and socks, then she wraps her toes around Sweetcat’s nose so as to force the girl to smell them. “You must smell my warm sweaty feet”, and Sweetcat obeys her. When Sweetcat does that, Victorya looks satisfied, and it is obvious that Sweetcat does not mind what is happening. 
After a while, Victorya props her feet up on the couch arm with her soles side by side. Sweetcat begins first to suck Victorya’s toe, then Victorya orders her to lick slowly her soles until they glisten. 
The action is slow would like this action to be slow and lingering with alternating shots of Victorias soles being licked with her face in the background and close-ups. 
In the final part of the video, Victorya wants that Sweetcat worships not only her feet, but also her ass. In fact, she tells Sweetcat to change position, and to sniff and lick her ass. Victoria teases Sweetcat, playing with her like a toy: she has to rub her nose on her asshole and Victorya keep commenting on that: “Do you like smelling my ass?”


Video Information:

Lenght: 20:00 Minutes
Format: MP4
Resolution: HD
Download Price: 12.99$ USD

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