Hard to please

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PUBLISHED: 2018-01-15

 Zafira and Victorya are both veterans, they know exactly how to convince a girl to worship them.
They have the leverage to work on each slave.

But, between them, it’s different. They have an unwritten agreement, as they both know that they are equally expert.
So in this case, it’s Zafira to pay Victorya a tribute.
She offers herself as a willing slave, behaving and following every order carefully.
They start all naked, and then Zafira begins to worship Victorya.
She starts to smell and lick her feet.
But Victorya is hard to please.
Soon, she will demand to be worshipped entirely.
Zafira does not hesitate to obey.
She wants to be a good slave.
She wants to be the best slave.
And she is, leaving Victorya with a nice satisfied grin on her face.

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